About Us

Great Surroundings, Great Food, Great Service.

That’s what we believe in, Simple.

The Bench first opened in 2005 by myself, Gianni, and my wife Jo as a coffee shop and has grown (and grown AND GROWN!) into a “Mediterranean style” restaurant, bar, ice cream parlour and gallery!

I arrived in Britain from San Remo, Italy, in the 1960’s, dedicated to bringing the Italian hospitality to Britain, and so far I haven’t disappointed! Spending many years hosting guests in my hotels and restaurants, followed by a stay behind the hot stove, I decided to follow my childhood dream and put all my attention into homemade ice-creams (although you’ll still see me wandering around meeting and greeting!)

My wife, Jo, is the artist that adorns the walls of the Bench. Spending many hours waiting for the perfect shot, she finally finds the one that is ideal for her collection in the gallery! Be it Landscape, Floral, Wildlife or Surfing, you’ll find the perfect picture. Jo doesn’t just take the perfect photo, she is also a workaholic and you’ll see Jo buzzing around the place trying to do everything. She never stops!

Manageress Sam and Head Chef Ian manage the day to day running so if you have any enquiries please contact them.

Buon appetito!