Gianni’s Award Winning Italian Artisan Ice Creams

First arrived in 2005 and won BEST NEW PEMBROKESHIRE PRODUCT, and they’ve got better!!!!

Made Daily at The Bench incorporating authentic Traditional Italian Recipes and Techniques using Fresh Organic Milk from Caerfai farm, St David’s.

I endeavour to always have a minimum of 18 flavours available from a selection of over 100 ice creams ranging from- Full Dairy, Strawberries and Cream or Mad About Chocolate to-Turkish Delight, Pina Colada or Coca Cola!!

Dairy-Free Ice cream, Alcohol Flavoured Ice C ream and Sorbets, all made right here at The Bench, are also available daily.

18 flavours of our Ice Cream is hard to choose from, nevermind the choice between choosing a Fiesta Cone, Teddy bear Cone, Waffle Cone (Single, Double or Treble!!!!), Chocolate Dipped Waffle cone, Fiesta Sprinkled cone…..or…… Small tub, Medium tub, Large tub………. OR…… takeaway home freezer containers!!!!!!!!